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Unlimited Hosting Space
Hosting space is your online disk space allowance. With all Silverback Hosting packages, you get unlimited disk space allowing you to potentially upload large files, and big websites with as much media content as you like.
Unlimited Bandiwdth
We are proud to offer unlimited bandwidth, so no matter how popular your website is or if you get a big surge of traffic - your website will never be unavailable.
Unlimited Mailboxes (100MB)
You can create as many email addresses as you like on all Silverback Hosting packages. This allows you to have as many custom mailboxes with 100MB of storage space.
Please note: you must use your ISP's outgoing mail server to send emails using these mailboxes. Ideal for fixed locations.
Unlimited Email Forwarders
Set up custom email addresses which forward to your own mailbox. You can also forward to a group of email addresses, for example a team in your organisation.
Unlimited FTP Accounts
You can set up FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access with different usernames and passwords. You can restrict each user's access and permissions individually.
Control Panel
Via your hosting control panel, you can manage your hosting account, email addresses, as well as advanced options such as your Nameserver and DNS settings for your domain names.
MySQL Database (150mb)
We provide you with MySQL databases which are limited to a size of 150MB. Version number etc. etc.
60+ One-Click Installers
List of 1-click installers available...
Linux, PHP 5.4
A small amount of info on te Linux and PHP versions being used and why
MySQL, Perl, CGI
More info...
Apache, SSI Python
More info...
Domain Privacy
Domain privacy information
Mobile Mailboxes 1GB
With a Mobile Mailbox you get the option to use your own outgoing mailserver no matter what your ISP is. So, if you had the domain your outgoing mail server would simply become Outgoing servers will require the same authentication (username and password) as your normal mailbox login. You also get 10X the space of a standard mailbox allowing you to accept larger emails and reducing the need to clear out your mailbox as often.
Exchange 2013 Mailbox - 25GB
Domain privacy information £00p/a
Unlimited Hosting Package
Domain Registration £--pa
Our domains are registered instantly once your payment has been processed. All contact information is publicly available by default.

If you would like to keep your contact details private please enable domain privacy below: